Lagos State launches whistle blowing facility to mitigate fraud, others


In pursuant to its policy drive to promote open and transparent administration, the Lagos State Government has launched a Whistleblowing Facility to ensure mitigation of fraud and uphold transparency in business environments.

Speaking at the launch of the facility today in the state, the Executive Chairman, LIRS, Ayodele Subair will help in the credibility of reports through investigation, feedback and protection for the whistle-blower.

According to Subair, “As a reputable agency, LIRS operates under strict guidelines or code of ethics which prescribes the standard of conduct expected within the Agency and during its interaction with various stakeholders.

“Hence, all employees and other stakeholders are expected to maintain/uphold these standards at all times in the discharge of their respective duties”, he said.

He added that the facility will promote an enabling climate for employees and other relevant stakeholders to report wrongdoings, illegal actions or financial crimes noticed and or observed in LIRS administrative and operational activities, without fear of backlash.

“It would assist in evaluating and improving existing system and assess key practices necessary to create an effective speak-up culture”, he said.

Subair added that the facility, which will create a speak-up culture in the public,  will be piloted by the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, LIRS.


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