Lagos Launches Device To Facilitate Traffic Flow


The Lagos State Government has unveiled a smart handheld device, known as Traffic Management Solution Device (TMS), for real-time management of traffic violations.

The Commissioner for Transportation, Frederic Oladeinde, unveiled the device at Alausa, Ikeja, on Wednesday.

According to him, the TMS is a traffic law compliance initiative that allows real-time capture of picture and video evidence of road traffic and vehicle compliance violations as they occur with the use of a handheld device.

Oladeinde explained that the innovation would align with traffic management structure on traffic law violations and compliance checks, as well as resolve the perennial traffic gridlock issues caused by traffic violations in the State.

The commissioner added that the TMS device would eliminate the human interface between the traffic law enforcement officials and vehicular offenders on the road.

Oladeinde further pointed out that TMS would enhance transparency by exposing in detail, violations with the provision of video and picture evidence to aid the resolution process as well as give specific financially penalties within the ambit of the Law.

“Offender may choose to visit a Traffic Court and presents the Violation Number for the violation he/she wishes to challenge Electronic verification of the authenticity of drivers’ licenses, vehicle Licenses and number plates which will significantly assist in achieving the goal of clamp down on motorists with fake licenses and number plates.

“Our goal is to modernize operations and simplify enforcement by eliminating situations that facilitate impediments and cause counterproductive results on our roads,” Oladeinde said

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