Kenya’s President-Elect Ruto Says ‘No Time To Waste’ After Victory


Kenya’s president-elect William Ruto has vowed that his new administration would be transparent, saying there was no time to waste in meeting the “huge expectations” of Kenyans.

His comments came as controversy continued to swirl around the election body that declared Ruto the winner of the closely-fought August 9 poll against veteran politician Raila Odinga.

“We will shortly be making steps to run a transparent, democratic but accountable government,” Ruto said after meeting with elected leaders from his Kenya Kwanza (Kenya First) alliance.

“The expectations of the people of Kenya are huge and therefore we do not have the luxury of wasting any time,” the current deputy president said.

“We are going to govern in a manner that no sector of Kenya is left behind,” Ruto added, saying no-one would be excluded, regardless of political or ethnic affiliations.

Kenya is one of the richest economies in Africa but is grappling with the fallout from the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, with surging inflation and high youth unemployment.

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