Kaduna repatriates 30,000 almajiri, as Northern govs resolve to end practice


Governor Nasir El-Rufai, says he has ended the almajirai system in of Kaduna State, and repatriated 30,000 to other states.

Speaking to newsmen on Thursday, El-Rufai said his administration plans to enlighten parents of almajiri on their responsibility to educate their children.

He said, “The Northern Governors Forum took a collective decision at a meeting we had about two weeks ago that we will end the almajirai system completely, we will abolish it. And part of the steps we took was to return them to their states of origin. We also decided that each state government will take delivery of these almajirai and return them to their parents and ensure that they go to school.

“We have done that in Kaduna; we have repatriated over 30,000 almajirai from other states back to their states and we are happy to receive any almajirai from any state of the federation that are indigenous to Kaduna.

“We have been expanding our schools, building classrooms to accommodate these children. It is better to cram 200 children in a classroom and give them some kind of modern education than to allow them to waste their lives away and go around begging. Anything is better than this system and we are determined as northern governors to end it.”

El-Rufai said 169 almajirai in Kano, who were of Kaduna origin, were brought to his state.

He noted that though 65 of them tested positive for the virus, he was happy they were repatriated.

“If these children were not brought to us, they simply would have died in Kano. Some of them would survive the disease, but the situation in Kano is overwhelming and I don’t think that anybody in Kano will want to look after them and test them,” he added.

Aneta Felix

Aneta Felix is a seasoned broadcast journalist and versatile content producer with an interest in reporting on human and gender rights, insecurity, corruption, and development among others. She has over five years of progressive experience, working across online, radio, and TV platforms, reporting the Boko Haram insurgency in Adamawa state, covering elections across the country and interviewing CEOs of multi-million dollar companies. Aneta is also the producer and presenter of the business documentary program, Startups, on TV360 Nigeria. She is a graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Benin and is based in Lagos Nigeria.

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