Japan PM pledges to help reduce Iran-US tensions


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to do all within his power to reduce tensions between the United States and Iran.

This is coming as the US urged its allies to join a coalition in a purported mission of protecting maritime shipping lanes in the Middle East.

The US is expected to ask Tokyo to send its navy to the strategic waters off Iran’s southern coasts.

“We have a long tradition of friendship with Iran and I’ve met with its president any number of times, as well as other leaders,” Abe said at a press conference after his coalition’s victory in parliament’s upper house election held on Sunday.

“Before we make any decisions on what to do, Japan would like to make every effort to reduce tensions between Iran and the United States,” he said.

The premiere added that Japan needs to gather information on what the US is thinking and what it hopes to accomplish with the new coalition.

Japanese media have said Washington’s proposal could be on the agenda during US national security adviser John Bolton’s visit to Tokyo this week.

Tensions between Iran and the US began last month after several oil tankers were suspiciously targeted near the Persian Gulf. Washington and its regional ally Saudi Arabia blame Iran for the suspicious attacks, however, Iran has denied all the charges.


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