Jacob Zuma to face one-week corruption inquiry


Former South African president, Jacob Zuma has arrived at a court in Johannesburg for a public-inquiry hearing into state corruption.

Zuma will be asked on Monday to respond to allegations that he allowed his friends to plunder state resources and influence senior government appointments during his nine years in power.

He has consistently denied wrongdoing, saying the allegations against him are politically motivated.

In a letter to the inquiry commission last month, his lawyer said Zuma believed it was prejudiced against him.

The former president is expected to give evidence from Monday to Friday in a hearing that will be broadcast live on South African TV.

“In all honesty, the commission asked me to come to testify and put forward any information that I might have,” Zuma said on Friday, ahead of the televised hearings.

“We will see how things pan out, but I am going there.”

The inquiry, led by Judge Raymond Zondo, said last month that Zuma was invited to appear “to enable him to give his side of the story”.

Zuma was ousted by the governing African National Congress (ANC) in February 2018.


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