IS THIS FOR REAL?- Jane Ikegulu


What a year it has been for us all! The year 2020 started with a bang! ‘NO MORE TRICYCLES AND OKADA.” For those of us ,who reside in Surulere: Aguda ,Orile, Bode Thomas, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Shitta, Masha, Ogunlana and its environs, you know that ‘Keke’ is just one means of transport that takes you to your place of destination, without sweat. It is so convenient, that you would wonder why you need to use your car and get stuck in traffic. But who cares? Nobody!
Just as most of us were getting used to the ban or trekking of long distances , there came another bang! Lagos State government declares lockdown due to Covid-19 invasion shortly followed by that of the Federal Government. Stay at home and stay safe.
My dear, it has been financially draining having to cater for a growing family and I am certain you all realise that human beings tend to be more hungry when they are at home unlike when they are at school or work. Didn’t I receive the palliatives the government promised? You may ask. My dear,I only saw it pass me by it certainly did not land at my door post. However, my landlord who belongs to the ruling party received his in the months of April and May. Talk of partiality. Na dem sabi jare. Well, my God will supply all my needs. Lord, for as many that depend on you to replenish their homes, do so Lord in Jesus name, Amen.
Now, teachers are under pressure to teach on-line, adequate training or not, just learn and do your job .Please may I ask a question? Are you sure the parents will pay? ‘Just teach! Will you?’ I am sorry, I have another question to ask, what about the public school students , how many of them have laptops ,tablets and can afford to buy data? ‘Madam, mind your own business!’ Are you for real?Is this for real? When will this be over? Most workers are losing their jobs, prices of commodities have sky-rocketed. Yet, most salaries are yet to be paid. When will our children return to school,when will WASSCE and NECO be written? Did I hear you say the cases are rising? Then it calls for proactive measures on the part of the government. We; Nigerians want our lives back ,especially in Lagos State. This won’t do, being locked up like prisoners, been given orders: don’t go to church, go to work only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, run home at 3.00pm, curfew at 8.00pm. Teachers, no work till further notice. What about our salaries? Especially for those in the private schools. Who cares! Haba, Lord, have mercy, when will this end?
Our government should always do the needful. Do not wait until the head is off to start lamenting .Well, to every mother out there, do not lose hope, I know you are tired of being stuck with ever- hungry children. Me too! Please endure. By God’s grace, it would be over soon.

Jane Ikegulu

An English Educator writes from Lagos 08034786925 (SMS Only)

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