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My dearest soliloquy readers, if your age bracket is within eleven to twenty-five years of age, then, this article is certainly for you. It is no longer news that in most cultures, the arrival of a baby girl is never celebrated as most parents and relatives wish it were a baby boy. This explains one of the reasons most female children are abused, maltreated, sold into prostitution or marriage by their parents or relatives. For to many of them,of what use is a female child. In other words, being a female child and then blossoming into a young woman is challenging as there are so many complex issues that could mar this glorious journey thereby making it unattainable.
Nevertheless, I wish to share some life secrets with you today young lady, and I implore you not to take them with kid –gloves but put them close to your heart.
1.Believe In Yourself:I do not know how many times you have heard this but you need to believe in your capabilities. Believe that only you, you only, can change that circumstance in your life, that you do not approve of. Being timid has never helped anyone ,so be confident, believe that you can do it .However, be informed that confidence has nothing to do with arrogance .Let confidence speak even in the way you walk; do not slump your shoulders and hang your head down. Learn to sit up, do not slouch and walk smartly.
2. Smile: according to Joyce Meyer’s The Confident Woman “it takes seventeen muscles to smile but forty-three to frown. In other words, you work a whole lot harder looking sour than looking happy!” So, young lady, smile often. No matter the odds, please smile. It endears people to you,it attracts favour and makes you look and feel radiant. Always remember that whenever you smile, your heart rate actually lowers and your breathing slows down, particularly when you are stressed. Someone once said, “you are not fully dressed until you wear a smile.” So, smile and feel great.
3. Be Prayerful: by now,my avid Soliloquy readers know that I do not joke with prayers.For me, prayer is the key.It may interest you to know that I conceived my daughter through fervent prayer. I strongly believe that every girl and every woman should be prayerful because we live in a world that does not approve of us. Do not think the devil has forgotten about the curse in the Bible concerning the enmity between your seed and his seed. The devil would do anything, I repeat anything to frustrate the female gender and you can bet that, he is the one manipulating so much hatred against us. So young lady, pray without season: pray about your studies, pray about your examination, pray about your choices, pray for wisdom, pray for God’s protection, pray about your future, pray that you do not come across deceitful men, pray that you are not led astray by so called friends, pray about contentment and pray that you have a heart that listens to God. Believe it, young lady when I tell you that God is still in the business of answering prayers. So, rather than cry, please pray.
4.Speak Life To Yourself: often, I hear people say, “I am so ugly”, “I hate my life”, “I just want to die,” “ I will never make it in life,” “I am so weak”, “ I can’t stop smoking,” “ I’m depressed.” My dear young lady, do not be that way. Do not talk about yourself according to the way you feel or look. Rather speak God’s word over your life. Do not forget that the Bible says that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love them, would eat of their fruit.” Always confess God’s promises on your life, your health, studies, choices, examination, friends, spouse and future. For me, one confession that I readily speak over my life is “I will not be put to shame and dishonour.”To God be the glory, so many times, God has used people even strangers to make this promise true in my life. Young lady, there are so many promises in the bible: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” “No weapon formed and fashioned against me shall prosper,” “I am strong,” “I am strong,” “I am healed,” “Favour is my portion,” “The wealth of many nations is my portion” “God is contending with those who contend with me” etc.
Declare these promises daily, use them as often as you can, instead of using curse words that bring ill-health and death to you, declare God’s promises over your life. For instance, whenever fear grips your heart, declare instantly “I will not be afraid of sudden panic for the Lord is my confidence” or “I have the peace of God within me.”
5. Read Good Books: young lady, ditch all the romance novels, that only lead you to a world of illusion, back in the 80’s when I was growing up, Mills And Boons was the hit romance novel then, as I grew a bit older, our attention shifted to Harlequin Romance Novels; these books only beclouded our senses, they often aroused our emotion ,leaving us depleted. We often day-dreamt about Prince-Charming instead of concentrating on our future.
Hello! Young lady! Do not be led astray by such nonsense, invest your money and time in acquiring and reading books that are worthwhile. I have a wonderful list you could select from:
*The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer
*Battlefield Of The Mind by Joyce Meyer
*Teenagers Are People Too by Joyce Meyer
*Living A Life You Love by Joyce Meyer
*I Declare by Joel Osteen
*Prayer Warrior by Stormie Omartian
*Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen
*Everyday Is A Friday by Joel Osteen
*I hope God’s Promises Come To Pass Before My Body Parts Go South by Cathy Lechner
*Reposition Yourself by T.D Jakes and a host of others.
Young lady, once you commence reading these books, you would notice that your thinking faculty is totally different, because your perception of life would be clearer. Watch out for the second edition of this article, soon.

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