HELLO! YOUNG LADY! (2)- Jane Ikegulu


You are most welcome on board beloved young lady to the second edition of this article. It is my pleasure to continue from where I stopped.Every young lady from ages eleven to twenty- five remember, these life secrets are for you.
6. Acquire New Skills: dear young lady, learn new skills now that you have the time because they would be useful to you later in life, may be when you are seeking an employment or when you get married. Explore the option of learning how to cook diverse dishes. For goodness sake, life shouldn’t be static or boring. If you are Yoruba, for instance,try learning how to cook soups from other tribes, you never can tell when it would come in handy. My sister-in-law, who is from Edo State makes delicious Ogbono, Oha and bitter Soup for my brother. This is where the internet comes in handy. I recently taught myself with the help of the internet, how to make AfangSoup. I need not tell you that I am so proud of my newly acquired skill. Learn how to speak a foreign language, if you have a flair for it. It could be Mandarin or French. Learn how to bake, from cake to snacks(don’t forget you could make money from it),learn how to drive a car; this often comes in handy as a mother when you need to do school runs or if you have to rush an ill baby or child to the hospital and probably, your husband is far away. For me, every young young girl and woman should learn how to drive a car. Learn how to mend clothes and tack a loose button. My dear young lady, the list is endless. Please get busy and stop idling away.
7. Enjoy Your Own Company: young lady, if you do not enjoy being with yourself, no-one will enjoy being with you .In the same vein, if you are not fulfilled as a spinster, you will not be fulfilled as a married woman .Enjoy your own company: make out time for yourself. For instance, after cleaning up the apartment on a Saturday, have a warm bath, prepare a delicious meal, eat and afterwards relax with a thought –provoking book or listen to Soul-lifting music or see a good movie at home or have a long-refreshing sleep or start writing a book or play a game on your phone, the list, my dear is endless. Do not rely on people to make your day. You make your own day. I still remember taking myself out for lunch to some exotic eateries as a spinsiter.
8.Be Financially Independent: dear young lady, do not buy that lie, that a particular man will come cater for your every needs. Ask the married women, most of them bread win their homes. Listen dear,no matter how small that job is, as long as it is decent, get it and have your respect. According to Sherry Argov, the author of Why Men Love Bitches ‘He will never respect you as being able to hold your own unless you can stand on your own two feet financially.’ Young lady, be wise,if a woman relinquishes her independence and becomes financially dependent on a man, she would have fewer choices in life. She would be at someone else’s mercy. Borrow a leave from the biblical virtuous woman.
9.Dress Appropriately: overtime, there has been so much talk about proper dress sense. A school of thought has it that it is relative .Relative or not, young lady, do not expose your cleavage and laps. Avoid wearing skimpy or tight clothes. Some young girls and women shamelessly have been strolling around braless or without undies, all in the name of being “Marlians.” This is so derogatory. My dear young lady, need I tell you that you are calling the attention of indecent individuals your way. Remember you are addressed the way you are dressed. Do not get carried away by the nonsense you see on internet. Be careful to dress decently, shave all pubic hair, wear clean undies always and use a good deodorant during the day to avoid smelling stale. Never you forget that ‘Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness.’ So young lady, hold these, close forever, they surely will be useful. DO NOT THINK THAT DECENCY IS OLD-FASHIONED. Take Care bye.

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