Dearly beloved soliloquy readers, being a woman is extremely demanding, challenging and in most cases frustrating. Despite the obvious fact, that most women are responsible for the day-to-day management of the home: planning each day’s family meal, maintaining the cleanliness of the home, helping the children with their assignments, observing the countenance and attitude of every member of the family, doing school runs, the list is endless. Most women are never appreciated.

Even in a situation where by the services of a maid is employed, the woman still bears the greater burden of seeing to it that the home is kept together.

It is even more stressful, if she is a career woman because she juggles both motherhood and her career without batting an eye lid.  Yet, many a time, women are underrated, victimized, bullied, harassed, raped and marginalized. It may interest you to know that female athletes are often paid lower than their male counterparts.

According to Joyce Meyer’s book, The Confident Woman, ‘ For most of the world’s existence, women have not enjoyed being respected properly, nor have they enjoyed their rightful place in society.’  It suffices to say that a lot of women battle with low self-esteem as a result of years of verbal abuse from parents, siblings, relatives and to crown it all, from their husbands, who are supposed to protect, defend and encourage them to unleash their potentials.

My fellow women, we need to set the records straight here. Whether you are married or not, you are amazing and wonderfully made. Do you have children or not, you are still a woman. Do not listen to those demoralizing words from the pit of hell intended to strip you of confidence.  Every woman is a winner, you are well able to achieve all that God; your maker has deposited in you. So, please go out there and shine and do not allow anyone stop you from conquering and living a life of purpose.  We women should also endeavor to encourage and support one another always.  I wish every woman out there a purposeful, inspiring, amazing and blessed women’s day on March 8, 2022. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY.



Jane Ikegulu is an oracy coach, who grooms, trains and teaches students and people to have confidence and to speak and sound right.  She is also a writer who delights in writing about family issues.


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