Guinea junta announces reopening of borders


The military junta in Guinea has announced the gradual reopening of the country’s borders with neighbouring countries.

Some of the borders have been closed since last week’s coup which ousted President Alpha Conde from office.

The junta also announced the reopening of some other borders that had been closed before the military takeover.

In September 2020, Condé ordered the closure of the Senegal, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau borders ahead of the October 18 presidential election, for security reasons and alleged attempts to destabilise Guinea using the territory of neighbouring countries.

This closure caused diplomatic tension given the significant movement of people and goods in the region.

But in a statement read on national TV, the military junta said the border with Sierra Leone is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday.

The one with Liberia will reopen on Thursday, Ivory Coast’s on Friday, Mali’s on Saturday, Guinea-Bissau’s on Monday and Senegal’s on Friday next week.


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