Germany shooting: Jewish leader blames inadequate security for attack


A prominent Jewish community leader has accused German authorities of not providing adequate security at the synagogue in the city of Halle which was attacked a gunman on Wednesday.

Many worshippers had gathered at the synagogue to mark the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur.

President of the council of Germany’s Jewish community Josef Schuster said it was a normal practice in his experience for all synagogues to have police guards while services were being conducted inside, but this appeared not to be the case in Saxony-Anhalt, where Halle is located.

“If police had been stationed outside the synagogue, then this man could have been disarmed before he could attack the others,” Schuster.

Although the gunman was unable to enter the building, he killed two bystanders and two others were injured but reports say their condition was not critical.

A video footage of more than 30 minutes, live-streamed from the attacker’s helmet camera showed that the perpetrator tried entering the synagogue but couldn’t. He then went on to firing multiple shots a woman passer-by in the street and killing a man inside a nearby kebab restaurant.

Most Jewish institutions in Germany’s large cities have a near-permanent police guard due to occasional anti-Semitic attacks by both far-right activists and Islamist militants.


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