George Floyd: State, private autopsies say death was homicide


The private autopsy by doctors hired by George Floyd’s family has revealed that his death was a homicide.

Floyd died last week while he was being arrested in Minneapolis and a white police officer knelt on his neck even after he pleaded that he could not breathe.

An independent autopsy says Floyd died of “asphyxiation from sustained pressure” when his neck and back were compressed by Minneapolis police officers during his arrest, adding that the pressure cut off blood flow to his brain.

The finding confirms the same conclusion of an autopsy from the county medical examiner which also called the death a homicide. However, both autopsies differ on the cause of death.

A news release from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner said Floyd, had “recent methamphetamine use” and “fentanyl intoxication”, along with hypertension and coronary artery disease, all of which were possible contributing factors to his death.

But two doctors who carried out that independent autopsy of Floyd and two lawyers for the family said he had no underlying health conditions that may have contributed to his death.

They argued that not only the officer who was kneeing Floyd’s neck killed him but also two officers who were pressing their weight onto his back while he was on the ground.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has threatened to send in the military to quell growing civil unrest which have escalated over the past week as protesters storm streets of major cities to protests Floyd’s death.

George Floyd’s funeral is set to take place in his hometown, Houston, next week.

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