Garki Abuja Incident: DSS Assures Of Improvement In The Victims’ Well-Being”


In the wake of the 7th September, 2023 incident involving the Staff of the Department of State Services (DSS) and some members of the public at Garki Market, Abuja, the Service has commenced an inquiry into the issue.

The DSS Public Relations Officer, Peter Afunanya, in a Statement informed that an in-house investigative team has been constituted.

He further revealed that the casualties are currently being treated at a DSS Clinic and at the Service’s expense.

“This is to further inform the public that the Service has constituted an in-house investigative team on the matter. While the inquiry is ongoing, the Service has visited the two injured persons at the different hospitals where they are receiving treatment.

“It committed to the payment of the medical bills and made required deposits in this regard. To show sincerity of purpose at the time of the visits, the Service expressed readiness to move them to its world class medical facility in Abuja. It could have undertaken these actions even if its staff were not involved.

“Though these efforts are not, in any way, in admission of guilt (as investigation is yet to be concluded), the Service believes that the victims deserve empathy, financial support and justice. While it is in regular contact with their families or guardians, it will continue to follow up on their recovery and progress.”

Afunanya enjoined the Public to rest easy as the victims are stable and kicking.

“However, the DSS reassures the public that the victims are upbeat and responding well to treatment.

“The public may wish to note that the Service has not interfered with the investigation of the Police which is also detaining its Staff suspected to be involved in the incident. The Service’s position is not only to ensure justice for the victims, but it is in line with its avowed commitment to transparency, accountability and rule of law. Nevertheless, updates of this nature will always be made available till the matter is finally resolved,” Afunanya assured.

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