The year 2020 started like every other year with a lot of us making plans, goals, resolutions and aspirations to be better individuals, better than we were last year. I had a truck load of them: learn how to drive, hire a dedicated music tutor for my children, take my children on an educational tour to National Museum, National Theatre, Nike Art Gallery, Muson Centre and National Conservation Centre, I also intended giving them occasional treats over the weekends at the cinemas, I looked forward to a family picnic at probably a decent beach on the island and several others. Dear Soliloquy readers, that is far from the case now as most entertainment and relaxation centres are closed due to ‘ baba nla Covid-19.’
At the moment, no one is talking about family outings and entertainment but how to survive; feed regularly, stay healthy and alive. My dear, I don’t take things for granted anymore since this episode begun. Each day that passes, I am grateful to God for life, breath, sustenance, protection and His mercies. Most of us, who never appreciated our jobs, now understand the maxim ‘No Work, No Pay.’
Come to think of it, look at our little ones all at home. I tell you as a parent, having to be with the children from dawn to dusk could be unnerving, as you would shout, scold, be attentive to their needs every second as against when they were in school and you were at work. We parents also need our time to recuperate and rejuvenate. My dear, for now, it seems as if it is far from it. Let’s call a spade a spade, this is boring. It is like being in prison. You can’t even travel to other states because of the inter-state travel ban, you can’t go to church, you can’t get married to your beloved for reasons best known to us all, you can’t do so many things because you are restricted in the bid to stay safe and alive.
Heavenly Father, have mercy on us and set us free from the shackles of this menace, this nightmare of a virus. For most of us private school teachers, it is an unbelievable saga as we are not even sure of our next pay packet. We can only hope and pray that this ends soon, so that we can regain our freedom. For me, I have decided not to worry about when the next meal will come or how this year’s rent will be paid because I certainly do not want to have high-blood pressure. I have handed everything over to God almighty. Let Him take control of all and sundry. I know for certain that this will pass too.


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