France opens probe into killing of aid workers in Niger


France has launched a probe into the killing of six French nationals in an attack in Niger.

The group were attacked by gunmen on motorbikes as they drove through a giraffe park in the Kouré area, south-east of the capital city of Niamey.

The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office said the investigation will be conducted by the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI), the country’s intelligence agency.

The French aid workers were employed by the charity ACTED. A local driver working for the relief group and a local tour guide was also killed. ACTED called the murders “senseless and cowardly”.

“This heinous crime must not go unpunished, nor will it distract us from our commitment to support the people of Niger,” said ACTED, which has worked to help vulnerable populations in the country since 2010.

No one has claimed responsibility for the assault but France believes a militant group was behind the attack.

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