Former Nasarawa United Players Threaten Court Case Over Longstanding Debts


A group of former Nasarawa United players who donned the colours of the NPFL side in the early 2000s have expressed their grievances over the non-payment of their entitlements incurred while playing for the club.

The players according to Emmanuel Benson who was the then first choice goalkeeper at Nasarawa United were reluctant to press for their monies at that time as they feared that the club management could victimize them for speaking out.

In an interview, Benson stated that players who had previously represented the club before them were faced with similar issues and pressed charges in court against the club owner, Nasarawa State Government which they won.

“We are former Nasarawa United players who represented the State’s team and today we hardly have anything to show for our efforts,” Benson stated.

“We have been owed for years as none of us has received a dime from our entitlements. A few years ago a group of players tackled the case legally and took the state government to court.

“They won the case and their entitlements were paid last year. But the players didn’t speak with us on the details of their face off with the state government.

“We could not join them because we were still a part of the club as of then and would have been tagged as undisciplined and maybe kicked out of the team,” Benson, a graduate of Geo Planning at the University of Jos in 2009 further revealed.

Benson however spared a thought for Nasarawa State governor, Abdullahi Sule, who is seemingly keen to address the situation.

“In fairness to the state governor, Abdullahi Sule, we have reliable information that he is interested in the case and ready to pay, but there are powerful forces that are working against the payment of our entitlements.

“We have appealed to the Nasarawa State government to attend to our issue, but so far nobody has given us any assurance or any hope.

“The only option we have now is to take legal action against the state and meet in court since it seems we have been left to our fate,” Benson who played for the ‘Solid Miners’ between the 2010 and the 2018 seasons concluded ruefully.


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