Footballer Emiliano Sala Died After Plane Broke Up Mid-Air, Inquest Jury Concludes


Late Argentine footballer, Emiliano Sala died instantly from “head and trunk injuries” when the plane he was in crashed after breaking up mid-air, a jury has found.

They also concluded he was likely to have been “deeply unconscious” from carbon monoxide poisoning on the unlicensed flight.

Sala and pilot David Ibbotson died when the plane they were flying in crashed in the English Channel in 2019.

The 28-year-old had been flying to Wales from France to join Cardiff City.

David Henderson, who arranged the flight, was given an 18-month prison sentence for aviation offences relating to arranging the flight.

The jury concluded Sala died in the crash having been overcome by toxic levels of carbon monoxide from the aircraft’s faulty exhaust system during the unlicensed commercial flight.

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