Five Jailed In ‘Horrific’ German Child Abuse Case


Four men received lengthy prison sentences in Germany on Tuesday for taking part in the repeated sexual assault of children and filming the abuse in a case that prompted reform of pedophilia laws.

A regional court in the western city of Muenster jailed the defendants for between 10 and 14 years followed by preventive detention.

The mother of the 28-year-old main defendant was convicted of aiding and abetting the abuse and sentenced to five years in prison.

The Presiding judge Matthias Pheiler expressed shock at the horrific events covered in the trial, calling the video recordings deeply disturbing.

“The proceedings also clearly showed how paedophiles operate: they trick, they lie, they manipulate those around” the victims, he said, adding that he was repulsed to see that the defendants “grinned” and even “laughed loudly” while evidence against them was presented.

Pheiler said he was relieved none of the victims had had to testify in the trial.

The principal defendant, a computer technician identified only as Adrian V., was found to have trapped boys in a garden shed in April 2020 along with several male accomplices, drugged and raped them repeatedly over the course of three days.

One of the victims, now 11 years old, was the son of his girlfriend.

Prosecutors presented some 30 hours of video evidence, much of which had been shared in darknet forums. The other men, aged 31 to 43, are believed to have met Adrian V. online.

The chief defendant’s mother Carina V., who owns the shed, was found to have been aware of the abuse. The court heard that she had brought the men breakfast while they took turns assaulting the children.

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