Firefight involving Western forces erupts amid Kabul airport evacuation chaos


A firefight between unidentified gunmen and US, German and Afghan guards at Kabul airport has left one Afghan guard dead and three wounded, underscoring the fragile security situation around the site.

The exchange of fire, which took place at the north gate of the airfield, started when former Afghan security forces who were acting as guards exchanged fire, leading to a firefight in which German and US forces became involved.

The airport has been a scene of chaos since the Taliban seized the Afghan capital on 15 August as US and international forces try to evacuate citizens and vulnerable Afghans.

On Sunday, Taliban fighters beat back crowds at the airport a day after seven Afghans were killed in a crush at the gates, as the deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops approaches.

Foreign forces in Afghanistan have not sought to extend the 31 August deadline to leave the country, a Taliban official said on Monday, after the US president said US troops might stay longer to oversee a “hard and painful” evacuation.

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