Facebook launches tool to fight fake adverts


Facebook has launched a new tool to empower Facebook users report fake advertisements.

The feature came about after Martin Lewis, founder of the MoneySavingExpert website, sued on false Facebook advertisements for his name and picture.

As compensation for dropping the legal suit, Facebook agreed to donate £3m to set up an anti-scam programme.

That money was then given to Citizens Advice to construct a new service to assist victims of online fraud.

The charity has set up a telephone helpline for any type of online scam – not just ones involving fake ads. Face-to-face consultations will even be offered to serious cases – where someone falls into debt or mortgage arrears, for example.

Citizens Advice says it expects to help 20,000 people in the first year of the new service, and warned anyone can be scammed.

There is no typical profile of victims, the charity said, and scams are becoming more and more sophisticated.:

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