Ex-UK PM Brown tackles rich countries for ‘stockpiling’ COVID vaccine


Amid growing concerns of covid 19 vaccines shortages among developing countries, former British prime minister, Gordon Brown, has accused rich countries of allegedly stockpiling COVID-19 doses while poor countries battle to get supplies.

The United Nations special envoy asked US President Joe Biden and other world leaders to urgently supply vaccines to countries in need of it.

“We are in a new ‘arms’ race — to get vaccines into people as quickly as possible — but this is an arms race where the West have a stranglehold on the vaccine supplies,” Brown said.

The former British prime minister also said that stockpiling has also delayed dose-sharing by G7 countries with Africa and low-income countries.

According to analysis, wealthy countries could potentially have a surplus of more than one billion COVID-19 vaccine doses available by the end of the year that are not designated as donations to poorer nations.

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