Ex-Burkina Faso President Compaoré Jailed For Life Over Murder Of Sankara


A military tribunal on Wednesday ruled that Burkina Faso’s former president, Blaise Compaore, be sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in the 1987 murder of his predecessor, Thomas Sankara, in a coup.

Sankara was gunned down at the age of 37, along with 12 others during the 1987 coup d’état that brought Compaoré to power, four years after he took power in a previous putsch.

Compaore was charged in absentia along with his former Head of Security, Hyacinthe Kafando, who was also sentenced to life imprisonment.

Compaore and Sankara had been close friends and had jointly seized power in 1983.

After seizing power at the age of just 33, the Marxist revolutionary campaigned against corruption and oversaw huge increases in education and health spending.

Sankara remains a hero for many across Africa because of his anti-imperialist stance and austere lifestyle.

However, there is little prospect that Compaoré will serve his sentence any time soon.

He has lived in exile in Ivory Coast since he was removed from office following mass protests in 2014, and has taken up Ivorian nationality.

He previously denounced the trial as a political sham.

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