EU to discuss Brexit delay


European Union ambassadors are set to meet in Brussels today to discuss the length of another Brexit extension to offer the UK, as lawmakers consider Boris Johnson’s call for an early election.

An official from the bloc said the choice could be between a three-month delay (with an option to end earlier if a deal is ratified sooner than this by Parliament) and a “two-tier” lag.

Under the first idea, Britain would leave on Jan.31, 2020, three months after the current departure date due on Oct.31. The second one would include a second specific date when Britain could leave.

The Prime Minister has said he will give MPs more time to debate his Brexit deal if they back a 12 December poll.

Brexit was initially supposed to have taken place on March 29 but Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May was forced to delay twice as parliament defeated her Brexit deal by margins of between 58 and 230 votes earlier this year.


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