Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed names new cabinet


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has announced a new cabinet days after his inauguration for a second five-year term in office following his party’s landslide victory in June’s controversial elections.

Three ministerial positions in the 22-member cabinet have gone to figures from opposition parties.

Ahmed appointed the former head of war-hit Tigray’s interim administration, Berhanu Nega, as defence minister.

The heads of two small opposition parties were also nominated for government positions. Berhanu Nega, head of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party (Ezema), was nominated as minister of education, while Belete Mola, chairman of the National Movement of Amhara, was chosen as minister of innovation and technology.

Kejela Merdasa, from the once-banned Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), was also given the post of minister of culture and sport.

Abiy also nominated incumbent Ahmed Shide to return as finance minister.

The cabinet was approved on Wednesday by a majority vote in the lower house of parliament, with two votes against and 12 abstentions.

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