Ethiopia grants rebel commander amnesty


Ethiopian government says it will not prosecute an Oromo Liberation Army commander, Gollicha Dhenge, after he defected to the government, this is despite the long-standing reports of human rights violations by the rebel group.

According to an official, while the act of this group has been designated as insurgency, any individual who abandons the group will not be held accountable.

Gollicha, who fought for the O L A for over 27 years including 10 years leading the southern command, is the biggest name so far to lay down arms following a call from government and traditional leaders.

Both the OLA and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), in the north of the country, have been designed terrorist groups by the Ethiopian authorities.

They recently formed an alliance to fight against the government despite being former enemies.

Gollicha has called on others to lay down their arms, and told the BBC he disagreed with other OLA leaders over the TPLF alliance and other matters, saying: “I decided not to be part of bad history.”

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