Eight killed in Kabul rocket attack


At least eight people have died in a barrage of rocket attacks which rocked some densely populated parts of Kabul, the Afghan capital.

The salvo slammed into various parts of central and north Kabul – including in and around the heavily fortified Green Zone that houses embassies and international firms, just before 9:00 am local time.

Photos and videos circulating online showed several buildings with damaged walls and windows, including at a large medical complex.

The Iranian embassy said on Twitter that its main building had been hit by rocket fragments after a missile landed on the premises but no one on the compound was wounded.

Also, at least one rocket landed in an office inside the Green Zone but did not explode.

Interior ministry spokesman Tariq Arian blamed the Taliban, saying “terrorists” had fired a total of 23 rockets.

“Based on initial information, eight people were martyred, and 31 others were wounded,” Arian said, noting that the toll could increase.

Kabul police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz confirmed the same tolls and details.

However, the Taliban has denied responsibility, saying they “do not blindly fire on public places”.

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