DR Congo authorities ban Kinshasa rallies over tensions


Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have banned political rallies this week in the capital Kinshasa due to ongoing tensions between supporters of President Felix Tshisekedi and those of former leader Joseph Kabila.

The announcement was made by Kinshasa police chief General Sylvano Kasongo on Sunday. He instructed the police to take all appropriate measures, adding that anyone who attempts to march or disturb the public order this week will find the police in their way.

Tensions rose in the capital after the youth wing of Tshisekedi’s Democracy and Social Progress party (UDPS) announced it would hold a protest against the candidacy of a former justice minister for the senate presidency.

In response, the pro-Kabila Red Berets movement said it would hold a counter-march to support the candidacy of Alexis Thambwe.

Tshisekedi was elected in December to replace Kabila who was president of Democratic Republic of Congo for nearly two decades.

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