Death toll in Ethiopia protests reaches 86 – PM


At least 86 people have died following recent protests which erupted in Ethiopia last month.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed revealed this on Sunday at a news conference with local news organisations broadcast by state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting.

Ahmed said most of the victims were from the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups and they included both Muslims and Christians.

“When we look at the gender of the victims, 82 men and four women died. When we look at the ethnic composition, the lives of 50 ethnic Oromo, 20 ethnic Amhara, eight ethnic Gamo, two ethnic Silte, one ethnic Gurage, two ethnic Hadiya, one ethnic Argoba and one Ethiopian whose identity was not identified, were lost for no reason,” Abiy said.

When we look at the religious composition, 40 Christians, 34 Muslims and 12 others whose faith was not identified passed away,” he added.

The clashes erupted as supporters of activist Jawar Mohammed took to the streets to protest after he said on Facebook that the government was trying to endanger his life by removing his bodyguards.

The government, however, denied the allegation.

Since his appointment in 2018, the Prime Minister has initiated political reforms which have won him international praise but also renewed long-repressed tensions among the many ethnic groups in the country

Abiy won the Nobel peace prize last month for his peacemaking efforts which ended two decades of hostility with longtime enemy Eritrea.



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