Daily, Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One


What joy it is to be alive today! To God be the glory. Greetings, awesome Soliloquy readers: young and old. Majority of us, take for granted a lot of things that we have, that we even got on a platter of gold. Most of these gifts are priceless and yet, we use them on a daily basis without paying a dime but, we are unappreciative.

The grass is greener on the other side, we often presume, until we get there and discover that it is not. Then, disappointment, depression and frustration seep in. Why is it that we humans never cherish what we have but lament about the ones that we do not have? I guess that there is a spirit behind it.

Take for instance, most wives rarely cherish their homes: their husbands and their children. Some mothers publicly call their children brats. They seem to have forgotten so easily when those children weren’t there and their near death experience in the labour room. Then, some wives often compare their husbands to other men in terms of financial status, sex drive, personality, spirituality and the likes. Do cast your mind back to those days you were a spinister, how you eagerly fasted, prayed and waited in earnest to be taken because you were tired of being alone and you so much wanted to share all that God has deposited in you with Mr. Right. To tell you the truth, at a time in my life, nothing made sense anymore as, I desperately wanted to settle down and build my own home, I was tired of being alone. So, you can imagine how excited I was when my husband came along.

Come to think of it, how many youths are grateful for the opportunities that abound them today? When I was growing up forty _one years ago, there was no internet, education was also one sided as the teacher did all the talking, writing thesis or projects were a herculean task as you would do a 360 degree surveillance searching for the suitable books or materials to guide you, almost everything was manually done, but today, the world has gone digital. Opportunities abound for that purposeful youth, who is dedicated.

When you wake up from bed to use the bathroom in the dead of the night, thank God. For a lot of people do so with one support or the other. Be grateful to God each and every day for His breath of life in you, for your family, for your job, for your business, for your neighbours, even for your nation, whether you like it or not. Truth be told, the economy might be precarious at the moment, but we are alive and holding on strong and surely, no evil will befall us. Dear readers, did you have only one meal today? Thank God for it. The stomach does not tell tales only the mouth does. Do not go about lamenting and complaining, it would becloud your reasoning, rather, be in the mood of thanksgiving and watch how your horizon will forge ahead.

I use this medium to thank God for His mercies upon my life, my family, my siblings,my friends, my incredible Soliloquy readers, my students; physical and online, my neighbours, my well wishes, my community. God bless you all and may His favour never depart from you in Jesus name, Amen.



Jane Ikegulu is a passionate observer of children, youths and family. She is currently unhappy at the rate at which so many youths are committing crime. She is a writer, a mother, a teacher and a voice over artiste.



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