COVID-19: NCDC warns of fifth wave, records 1,332 cases in one week


The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, has again warned of a possible fifth wave of the Covid-19 virus in the country, following the resurgence in the number of confirmed cases.

According to a data obtained from the NCDC, Nigeria has recorded no fewer than 260,339 confirmed cases as of July 22nd, 2022.

As a result, the NCDC has now called on states to ramp up testing as it urged Nigerians to embrace the safety protocols to curb the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, as of Friday, the 22nd July, the World Health Organisation, WHO, had reported that there were over 565 million cases globally, adding that Africa accounts for over 9 million of the cases.

According to the NCDC data, the country recorded 478 new cases between July 16 and 18, with Lagos State having 325 cases; Rivers State, 60; Federal Capital Territory, 29; Delta State, 25; Edo State, 17; Oyo State, eight; Kano State, six; Bayelsa four; and Ekiti four.

From July 19 to 20, not less than 235 confirmed cases were recorded in six states and the FCT. Lagos had 138; Rivers, 36; Delta, 21; Kaduna, 17; FCT, 13; Edo, nine; and Kano, one case.

Also, from July 21 to 22, there was a sharp increase in the number of cases as the country recorded 619 new cases from Ekiti (364); Lagos (62); Rivers (58); Delta (27); FCT (22); Oyo (19); Cross River (16); Abia (14); Kano (12); Bayelsa (11); Nasarawa (eight); Gombe (three); Plateau (two) and Bauchi (one).

It was also gathered that the number of inbound and outbound passengers who tested positive was on the increase. For inbound international travellers, the NCDC noted that In weeks 25 and 26, 858 travellers were tested, out of which 28 persons tested positive, compared to 17 out of the 904 persons tested in weeks 23 and 24.

Also, in weeks 25 and 26, 4,447 outbound international travellers were tested, out of which 133 persons tested positive, compared to 52 out of 3,987 that tested positive in weeks 23 and 24.

Though no death was reported during the referenced period, the NCDC noted, “In the last eight weeks, the test positivity ratio has continued to increase with the highest increase being in this reporting week. Majority of the cases were reported from Lagos, FCT, Rivers and Kano states.”

The NCDC, however, said ospitalization and fatalities had remained low, suggesting the recorded cases were mostly mild to moderate. It noted in its report that it had reached out to states to increase their testing, adding that addition of laboratories was ongoing.

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