COVID-19: Biden launches U.S. plan to help Americans dealing with long term effect


President of the United States, Joe Biden has launched a national action plan to tackle long-term effects of COVID-19.

Under the plan, $20 million will be invested to investigate how healthcare systems can best help those with long COVID and develop multi-specialty clinics across the country.

Also, the plan calls for allocating an additional $25 million to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from Biden’s 2023 budget to better understand and find solutions to the virus.

According to an analysis, Long COVID which arises months after a COVID-19 infection, affects nearly 7% of all U.S. adults and 2.3% of the overall population and has cost an estimated $386 billion in lost wages, savings and medical bills.

The health agency also will launch a new project, Health+, aimed at gaining insights into the experiences of those living with the often debilitating condition to help inform high-quality care and contribute to standardized best practices at long COVID clinics.

The plan also aims to translate its findings into actionable disability policies with the Social Security Administration, and work with the Department of Labor on helping affected workers who are deciding if they are able to return to their jobs.


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