Just In: 1st vaccines now on the way to all 50 states


Two main trucks left the Pfizer facility on Sunday morning, the company said.

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now infected more than 71.5 million people and killed over 1.6 million worldwide, according to real-time data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

2 trucks with COVID-19 vaccines have left facility, Pfizer says, the first vaccines in the U.S. have now left the Pfizer facility and are on their way to all 50 states.

Two main trucks left on Sunday morning — an additional truck will come in later to pick up a few boxes and take them to the U.S. territories.

On Monday Pfizer has an order for another 400 boxes of the vaccine as well as an order for a slightly less amount of boxes on Tuesday, the company said.

The first shipments are expected to arrive at 145 sites on Monday, 425 sites on Tuesday and another 66 sites on Wednesday, Gen. Gus Perna of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine program said.

At those sites, the vaccines will be paired with ancillary kits to assist with the vaccinations. The kits contain needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, diluent, safety gear and vaccine reminder cards.

There are currently over 108,000 Americans hospitalized with COVID-19 nationwide and current hospitalizations have increased by nearly 10% since the beginning of the month.

The U.S. is now averaging nearly 2,400 new coronavirus related deaths a day — 2,379 to be exact — which surpasses the country’s previous peak in April.

This week alone, 16,653 COVID-19 related deaths were recorded which is nearly 100 American deaths reported every hour.

Additionally, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, Friday marked the U.S. highest single-day new case total, with 231,775 new cases.

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