Coronavirus: Nigerians in China Demand Evacuation


Nigerians resident in China, under the umbrella body of ç have issued a “desperate call” for evacuation from the Asian country, following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The call for evacuation was issued and signed on Monday February 2nd by NiDO East China President, Elijah Odii, Bem, Shadrach General Secretary, and Okoye Chiamaka, Ag. President, Association of Nigerians in Wuhan.

At a media briefing earlier on Monday, Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, had assured Nigerians that no Nigerian citizen residing in Wuhan city has contracted the Coronavirus and that the Chinese government is committed towards safeguarding the safety and health of every foreign national in china, including the Nigerian expatriates, but NIDO East China Chapter says Nigerians are concerned about their health and wish to be evacuated to Nigeria.

The statement added that there are 65 Nigerians residing in Wuhan including children, who are running out of food supplies and are in dire need of medical care, but cannot access food or medicine because of the need to stay indoors to avoid contact with the virus.

Read the full statement below:

We write in support and on behalf of Nigerians living in Wuhan and other Nigerians.
We had sent a letter to the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 requesting for evacuation. We hereby wish to reiterate this request and seize this opportunity to debunk the fake news currently circulating on social media and on some notable mainstream media outlets that Nigerians at the epicenter of this epidemic have not indicated interest to be evacuated. The desire for evacuation has been our stance since we commenced engagements with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Beijing.
Since the epidemic struck and began to spread, Nigerians in China have kept strengthening our community engagement efforts and we want to keep you up-to-date on a few developments particularly concerning our nationals in Wuhan.
1. For the records and for planning purposes, there are 65 Nigerians residing in Wuhan including children.
2. Due to lockdown in Wuhan and some other cities in China, some of us have not been able to procure food items while some have run out of the financial means to procure food having spent monies on unplanned prevention kits. One of us is in need of urgent medical attention.
Preliminary test results on him indicate that he has white blood cell cancer (lymphoma).
Parents amongst us worry about how to cope if any of their children falls ill at this moment when visiting hospitals is a dangerous idea.
3. Lastly, our relatives back at home are worried over our welfare and highly hopeful that the Federal Government will provide us with all necessary diplomatic support.
We believe that the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will make plans in tandem with our requests. For this, we are hopeful of prompt actions to address the concerns and welfare of Nigerians in Wuhan and China in these desperate times.

Best Regards
Elijah Odii.
President, NiDO East China

Bem, Shadrach
General Secretary

Okoye Chiamaka
Ag. President, Association of Nigerians in Wuhan.”


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