Coronavirus: Chinese President visits Wuhan


China’s President Xi Jinping has paid his first visit to Wuhan, the city at the centre of the country’s coronavirus outbreak as Beijing tries to send a signal to the world that the situation is under control.

According to state media, Xi arrived in the city on Tuesday to inspect epidemic prevention and control work in the province.

Wuhan and its province, Hubei, have been on lockdown in order to prevent the spread of the disease. The President’s visit comes as China records its lowest number of infections with just 19 cases on Tuesday, down from several hundred two weeks earlier.

President Xi also visited Huoshenshan Hospital, a temporary facility that was completed in 10 days. During his visit to the hospital, he learned about the facility’s operations, treatment of patients and protection for medical workers and scientific research there.

The president also visited a community in the city currently in self-quarantine.

Shortly after his visit, state media confirmed that all 14 of the temporary hospitals in China have now been closed.

Meanwhile, outside of China, new cases continue to rise quickly, with countries such as South Korea, Italy and Iran experiencing severe outbreaks. Globally, there are almost 115,000 confirmed cases.

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