Coronavirus: 43 African countries infected – WHO


There are now 1,396 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in 43 countries across Africa, says the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa in Congo.

Announcing this via its Twitter handle on Monday, the UN health agency added that there have been one hundred and twenty two recovery cases from COVID-19.

The recoveries recorded: Algeria (65), Egypt (42), Burkina Faso (5), Senegal (5), Morocco (3), Cote d’Ivoire (1) and Nigeria (1).

The Gambia became the 31st infected reporting a case on March 17 of a national returning from the U.K.

Djibouti also reported a case on March 18 involving a Spanish national on military assignment.

Zambia have reported their first two cases of the coronavirus.

Mauritius reported its first cases on Wednesday becoming the 34th infected African country

Chad reported first case on Thursday March 19 becoming 35th infected nation.

Niger, via a tweet by President Issoufou also reported their index case on Thursday March 19 becoming 36th infected nation.

Cape Verde government reported on Friday that a British national had tested positive becoming its index patient.

Zimbabwe late Friday confirmed its index case, becoming 38th infected country and 5th in the southern Africa region

Uganda, Eritrea, Angola and Madagascar recorded index case on Saturday, March 21

Mozambique confirmed index case on March 22 becoming the 43rd infected nation


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