Churches, Mosques to reopen August 7 in Lagos


After months of being shutdown to check the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, worship centers will be allowed to reopen in Lagos from August 7. That’s according to the  State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, during his serial briefing on COVID-19 at the State House in Marina.

The Governor said while  mosques will be allowed to reopen from next Friday, churches will reopen on Sunday, August 9.

The government has come under enormous pressure from some religious leaders to reopen worship centers. Some of the religious leaders had argued that if markets could be allowed to reopen, then worship centers should be allowed to reopen as well. But the government had resisted the pressure until now.

In announcing the reopening, the governor however said that worship centers must put in place safety measures like  hand sanitisers and thermometer for reading temperature. He also said that religious leaders must  ensure that social distancing is maintained.

“We will only be allowing 50 per cent of their capacity at either the church or the mosque. Churches that have Saturday worship day will also be allowed to start holding their Saturday worship.

“We must reiterate that places of worship are only permitted to have their regular once a week service on designated days.

“For the avoidance of doubt, there will be Friday worship for our Muslim followers and Sunday worship for our Christian followers,” he said.

Lagos is still the epicenter of COVID-19 in Nigeria with the highest number of cases and deaths. Infection rates have been declining gradually over the past two weeks.


One thought on “Churches, Mosques to reopen August 7 in Lagos

  1. Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Every real-devoted christian, understands that being a believer and christian, confirmed you as someone who truly believes and devotes to Jehovah God Almighty, as attending church or Mosque, without true believe and devotion as well as prayers, to Jehovah God Almighty, does not make you a true christian, as every true christian’s worship Jehovah God, in his/her heart not by merely attending church or mosque. Those Bishops and G.O.s are only calling for opening of churches and mosques, in order to start to collect tithe and other monetary contributions, from church members, as some bishops and G.O.s fly around in private jets while church members live in stricken poverty.


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