Christmas: Soludo assures security, urges Anambra indigenes to return home

Anambra State Governor Chukwuma Soludo has urged residents to return home for Christmas, assuring them that the state is now safe amid recent improvements in the security situation.

“Anambra is no longer a dread zone, but a joyous haven embraced by peace, joy, and goodwill this season and beyond,” Soludo said in a statement by Press Secretary to the governor, Christian Aburime.

The statement highlighted the efforts made by his administration over the past months to “drastically reverse the security situation.” This includes establishing a Ministry of Homeland Affairs focused on security, strategizing with security agencies, and empowering local vigilante groups.

“Now, surveillance eyes are everywhere watching, joint security squads are patrolling the streets, and criminal shadows are fading,” the statement noted.

However, the statement reminded residents that security remains a collective responsibility and called for communities to continue standing guard and working hand-in-hand with government and security agencies.

The statement pointed to positive changes in places like Upper Iweka, Onitsha which he said now “beats with newfound rhythm, free from the grip of fear.”

“As security forces are standing ever vigilant and our roads are gleaming free of potholes, festive cheer will flow unfettered.”

The Anambra State Government promised smooth traffic flow guided by the Anambra Road Traffic Management Agency and extra security against any threats of “festive frenzy.” The statement also assured emergency health services will be on standby over the holidays.

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