China restates commitment to help Nigeria reduce poverty


The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, Cui Jianchn, has said the Chinese government is ready to help Nigeria reduce the level of poverty in the nation.

The Ambassador made this known on Tuesday in Abuja during the closing of the Nigeria-China Cultural week and award ceremony, a line-up of activities to commemorate the October 1 National Day of both countries.

Jianchn explained that part of his strategies as an Ambassador is to replicate China’s success in Nigeria by sending young Nigerians to China, understudy the system, get the experience and infuse them into the Nigerian system.

 “This February 25, the Chinese President declared to the International Community that we have accomplished the eradication of extreme poverty. I want to share with you that this is really the biggest achievement of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese as a nation.” he said

“I will like to share with you that we can do this together because poverty elimination, reduction or eradication really needs the leadership that has been shown by the Chinese President who had the strong will.

The ambassador continued, “How can we achieve this difficult target? We can see that a lot of project policies are in place. The most important aspect is that we mobilize the whole society to work together to eradicate poverty from rural areas.

“I am hoping that next year after COVID-19, I am thinking of a possibility of how we can get young people from Nigeria to go to China and learn from the Chinese side, get experience. I believe that if China can do that, Nigeria can also.

“We can apply Chinese not only model but a way of eradicating poverty. I think there is a need for the two countries to work on this poverty eradication. You know you have your goal. I think this is a very meaningful thing not only for the Nigerian people but also for the international community.”

Jianchn commended the strong bilateral relations between China and Nigeria over the past 50 years and called for a more holistic, comprehensive approach to build “our bilateral relations in another 50 years”.

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