Burkina Faso army issues warning amid rumours


Burkina Faso’s military has warned the public not to circulate rumours and false information amid claims that France was working with unnamed army generals to remove new junta leader Capt Ibrahim Traoré from power.

“We urge you to freely go on with your activities. We especially urge you to refrain from any rumours and misinformation and remain true to our values of hospitality, tolerance and communal living,” a statement read on state-run RTB TV by a military officer said.

The ministry of communication also called the rumours “unfounded” and urged citizens to “remain calm and distance themselves from misinformation and trust official channels”.

The warning came after protests were held outside the state broadcaster in which demonstrators accused army generals of planning to remove Capt Traoré.

According to privately-owned Radio Omega, there were rumours that a general in the army could replace Capt Traoré as head of state.

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