British MPs reject early election plan


British lawmakers have rejected an attempt by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold a snap election on December 12.

The prime minister on Monday evening failed to secure the required support of two-thirds of MPs of the 650 MPs under the Fixed Terms Parliament Act, his third unsuccessful attempt since taking office in July.

The result was 299 votes for and 70 against.

Johnson, however, has said he will try again for a pre-Christmas election. He told MPs he will propose a short, one-off piece of legislation to trigger an election on December 12.

“This House can no longer keep this country hostage. Millions of families and businesses cannot plan for the future,” he told MPs, adding that Parliament has become “dysfunctional.”

Johnson’s move was blocked by opposition parties including Labour, which has ruled out voting for an election unless a no-deal Brexit is completely ruled out.

The latest defeat for Johnson came on the same day as EU leaders agreed to delay the Brexit deadline until January 31, removing the immediate threat that the U.K. would leave the bloc without a deal.

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