BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth dies at 96


Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, has died peacefully at Balmoral on September 8, 2022 at the age of 96.

The late Queen, who ascended to the British throne at age 25, following the death of her father, King George VI, in February 1952, maintained an ever-present sense of control all through her reign.

Queen Elizabeth carried England into the 21st century and beyond, fostering the 54-nation Commonwealth.

During her years as Queen, she worked with 15 Prime Ministers, including Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, and had met with newly appointed Liz Truss to determine a path for England.

The Queen spoken of serious fatigue after she contracted Covid-19 in February, despite aides downplaying her illness, even after vaccination.

Queen Elizabeth Alexander Mary Windsor II reigned for 70 years, celebrating her Platinum Jubilee on February 6, 2022.

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