Brazil fines Facebook $1.65m over ‘abusive practice’


Brazil has fined Facebook $1.65 million on Monday for reportedly engaging in an “abusive practice” by allowing data from 443,000 users in Brazil to be unduly available to developers of the application.

Brazilian authorities began investigating after reports that users in the country could also have been victims of data misuse and also maintained that Facebook did not adequately inform its users “about the consequences of the default privacy settings”, especially in relation to the data of “friends and friends of friends.”

The Brazilian government has however given the social media company a 10 days ultimatum to appeal the decision and one month to pay the fine.

The social media company was also fined for improperly sharing users’ data in a case linked to the global Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In a statement released on Monday relating to the accusation, Facebook said there was “no evidence user data in Brazil was transferred to Cambridge Analytica”

“We have made changes to our platform and restricted the information accessible to app developers,” the social media company added.


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