Biden says US will defend Taiwan if China attacks


US President Joe Biden has said the United States would come to Taiwan’s defence if China attacked the Island.

Biden’s comments have been tagged as an apparent departure from longstanding US policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’

But a White House spokesman later told some US media outlets that his remarks did not signify a change in policy.

However, China has yet to respond to Mr Biden’s comments.

The US has no official diplomatic ties with Taiwan, but sells arms to it as part of its Taiwan Relations Act, which states that the US must provide the island with the means to defend itself.

It has formal ties with China, and also diplomatically acknowledges China’s position that there is only one Chinese government.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s presidential office has said it would neither give in to pressure nor “rashly advance” when it gets support.

“Taiwan will show a firm determination to defend itself,” said presidential spokesperson Xavier Cheng, who also went on to acknowledge the Biden administration’s continued show of “rock-solid” support for Taiwan.

China has not yet responded. But earlier on Thursday, before Biden’s town hall, China’s UN ambassador Zhang Jun accused the US of “taking dangerous actions, leading the situation in the Taiwan Strait into a dangerous direction”.

Tensions have been rising between Taiwan and China in recent weeks after

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