Aviation Fuel: Bonny Light to supply 60 million litres to stem scarcity


Nigeria’s emerging indigenous oil and gas major, Bonny Light Energy and Offshore Limited, has committed to the supply of 60 million litres of Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK) in the next six months, as part of efforts to solve supply disruptions of fuel in the aviation industry.

Speaking on this commitment, Chief Executive Officer, Bonny Light Energy and Offshore Limited, Toyin Banjo, stated the projected supply aligns with the urgent need for an increased supply of the commodity to sustain flight operations for millions of travellers in the country.

“As a responsible organisation with an understanding of the intricacies of international energy supply dynamics underpinned by our local knowledge of the Nigerian aviation space, we are committing a total of 60 million litres of aviation turbine kerosene (ATK) monthly over the next six months.Banjo said

“All things being equal, we are envisaging a supply of 60 million litres of ATK, by the end of the year. We strongly believe that this corporate action will positively affect the supply crisis in Nigeria’s aviation industry and provide much-needed relief in the already strained sector.

“We, however, understand the complexities of the global aviation industry, as well as the existence of numerous factors which may impede the fulfilment of our projection, ensuring that the projected volumes are achieved as an enduring solution to this supply gap in our aviation industry, especially in the imminent Ember Months and the electioneering season,” he further stated.

He added that despite these factors, efforts will be put into supplying the market with similar volumes in the last quarter.

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