At least 20 killed in raid on Ugandan army post


Uganda’s military says 20 people including three soldiers were killed in an attack on an army post in Uganda close to its northwestern border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The attack on March 6 happened a few miles from the northern edge of the Albertine rift basin where Uganda’s oilfields are found.

The oil facilities are operated by France’s Total, China’s CNOOC and Britain’s Tullow Oil but they were not attacked during this incident.

Deputy military spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Deo Akiiki said around 80 raiders, including members of Congolese militias, carried out the attack.

Akiiki said they were armed with bows, arrows, machetes and spears, and were intending to steal guns.

Uganda’s eastern border region has long been plagued by insecurity, with fighting between rival militias seeking to exploit patches of territory and mineral resources riches often spilling into Uganda.

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