At least 12 killed in central China floods


At least 12 people have died with over 100,000 evacuated from their homes after the record-breaking rainfall that caused massive floods in central China.

The rain began over the weekend, with storms intensifying on Tuesday.

Local authorities called the floods a “once in 100 years” event. By Tuesday night, Zhengzhou and other places in Henan province saw widespread flooding.

President Xi Jinping said the “flood prevention situation was very severe” and at a “critical stage”.

He added that the floods had already resulted in “significant loss of life and damage to property”, and instructed all departments to prioritise “the safety of people and their property”.

Henan province, home to about 94 million people, has issued its highest level of weather warning.

Several dams and reservoirs have breached warning levels, and soldiers have been mobilised to divert rivers which have burst their banks. Flights and train operations in many parts of Henan have also been suspended.

Local media reports that about 700 passengers in Zhengzhou have been trapped on a train for at least 40 hours.

In Zhengzhou, unverified video footage showed passengers in flooded subway carriages with water reaching their shoulders.

Rescuers were seen pulling people to safety by rope, while others stood on train seats to try to keep above the water.


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