Anti-graft war: Buhari says democracy too slow for his liking


President Muhammadu Buhari revealed democracy was too slow for his liking.

The president was speaking at the Presidential Villa, Abuja at a short ceremony where his aides and some members of staff presented a card to him on his 77th birthday.

Buhari compared the current anti-graft war to the one he prosecuted as a head of state between 1983 and 1985, and admitted that he had learnt the hard way that the current democratic system was different from when he first came in 1983 as a military ruler.

Buhari recalled with nostalgia how he quickly jailed those who stole money from the country and returned the recovered funds to the respective states in good time, using the various committees he set up.

Buhari also recalled that when his first regime was toppled, what he got in return was that he was arrested and put in prison.

“Well, like I said, I have learned in the hard way. When I came in uniform, I got those who were leading, took them to Kirikiri (Maximum Prisons) and told them they were guilty until they could prove themselves innocent.

“I put, based on almost all the geopolitical zones, committees to investigate them. Those that were found to have lived beyond their means, the balance was taken and was given to the states.

“But, I myself was arrested, detained…So, under this system (democracy), which is supposed to be more accountable, it is too slow for my liking, but I have to follow it.”

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