Angola court orders seizure of billionaire Isabel dos Santos’s assets


An Angolan court has frozen the assets of Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

The assets seizure is part of an anti-corruption drive by the current government, which is seeking to recover around $1 billion of funds that it says it is owed by Isabel dos Santos and her associates.

In a statement issued by Angola’s public prosecutor, the court order applied to Isabel dos Santos, her husband Sindika Dokolo and Mário Filipe Moreira Leite da Silva, chairman of Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA).

The probe is looking at alleged irregularities involving state companies, including the oil giant Sonangol which Isabel dos Santos used to run, and a diamond-marketing firm, Sodiam.

Dos Santos, 46, who owns stakes in companies including telecoms firm Unitel and financial firms, has denied wrongdoing during her father’s time in office.

In a tweet, she sent “a message of tranquility and confidence to my teams.”

“We will continue, every day, in every business, doing our best and fighting for what I believe in for Angola. The road is long, the truth will prevail. United we stand strong,” she said.

Dos Santos lives abroad, saying she moved from Angola because her life had been threatened.

Often described as Africa’s richest woman, Dos Santos is estimated by Forbes magazine to have a fortune of $2.2bn.

Her half-brother, José Filomeno dos Santos, is also on trial in Angola on charges of corruption.

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