Algerian protesters demand cancellation of election


Thousands of Protesters in Algeria have taken to major streets in the capital, Algiers to demand that the presidential election planned for Thursday be cancelled.

All five of the state-approved candidates running on Thursday are former senior officials linked to former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika who resigned following pressure from protesters in April.

The demonstrators want the election to be delayed until the entire ruling elite step down and the military quit politics.

They chanted “No election tomorrow” and held up banners reading “You have destroyed the country”.

Police used truncheons to hold back demonstrators near the central post office, which has been the rallying point of the anti-government protest movement since February.

Despite Bouteflika’s resignation, protesters have continued marching across the country each week to demand sweeping reforms ahead of elections.

Army chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaed Salah, who has emerged as Algeria’s most powerful political player since Bouteflika was ousted, has pushed for Thursday’s vote as the only way to resolve the political crisis.

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